Junior Year Checklist

1. Students are surveyed to plan for scheduling visits from College Admissions Rep.  Check out the DACAC website to see what majors are available in South Dakota as well as links to the post-secondary school websites.

2. Check credits and required classes w. Mr. Bailey. Compare your classes to the admission requirements of post-secondary institutions that you might be considering. Check with the to see the admission requirements for S.D. state universities.

3. Bulletins for PSAT/NMSQT will be distributed and review materials are available. Check out more info. on the College Board web site for more practice tests & tips: www.collegeboard.com Test date is Wed., Oct. 16th.  Cost:  $14.00. Please pay Pam 1 week prior to test date.

4. Schedule post-secondary school visits with their admissions office.  Most post-secondary schools host special "Junior Days" - most are on Fridays & Saturdays, so you will not need to miss any school with our 4 day school week schedule this year.  Click here for more info. on college planning and school visits.  For a campus visit checklist, visit www.going2college.org and click on "Find a College".

5. If you need more info. on the requirements for the S.D. Opportunity Scholarship, click here for the SD Board of Regents Scholarship.

6. Attend Construction Camp @ STI on Sept. 25th.  Application Deadline is 9/16.

7. Click Here to Register for Planning Days @ USD.  Print your UPC code & give to Ms. Knudson prior to the day.

 8. Sept. 26th - Attend "Career Planning Days" at U.S.D.  A good way for you to research post-secondary schools; sign up for and gather applications from schools you are interested in. (School form)

1. Wed., October 16th - Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) given - a.m.  $14 fee which needs to paid to Pam 1 week prior.

2. Attend one of the following Career Days:  Oct. 3rd -  Scrubs Camp @ Yankton; Oct. 23rd - Scrubs Camp @ STI; or Oct. 9th -  Advanced Tech - all at S.T.I.; or Ag. & Power Sports - Oct. 23rd Or Construction Camp - Oct. 30th at Mitchell Technical Institute.

3. Check out the College Handbook 2013 from the guidance office. 

4. Click here for a poster explaining the financial aid process

1. Check out for college planning and financial aid information.

2.  Nov. 13th - ASVAB (Armed Services Voc. Aptitude Battery) - a.m. for all Juniors.
    Minimum AFQT Scores for:
    31 - Army, Marines, & Nat. Guard
    35 - Navy
    36 - Air Force
    50 - College Loan Payback Assistance

3. What Makes a Successful College Student?

4 . Click Here if you are Interested in Energy Related Career.  Mitchell Tech, is offering an Introduction to Energy Career Training program to high school students in four different energy-related programs.
    Earn up to 12 credits from MTI while you are still enrolled in high school and 2 credits towards high school graduation. MTI teaches the class and you earn credit both at MTI and at your local high school toward graduation. You will get an introduction to some of today's hottest energy-related careers like Power Line Construction & Maintenance, Propane & Natural Gas Technologies, Wind Turbine Technology and Heating & Cooling Technology. You will also complete several MTI required classes easing your load when you start your on-campus program after high school graduation.
    Your classes will include online work done from your local high school and monthly face-to-face labs conducted on campus at MTI.

5. Consider attending one or more of the following Career Days:  Nov. 20th - Energy Camp or  Scrubs Camp @ MTI ; Nov. 12th -Health Happenings @ USD;  Nov. 6th - Business Camp @ STI ; Nov. 15th - Science Discovery Days @ Sanford in Sioux Falls.



1. PSAT Score Reports due back.

2. Attend Business Camp or Cyber Camp @ Mitchell Tech - Dec. 4th.

3. Check with the guidance office about Dual Credit classes with MTI,  Advanced Placement Internet courses,  or DDN classes with Mt. Marty College before second semester.

4. Career Cruising is the state Career Info. site.  All students have a username & password and will build a portfolio throughout jr. high and high school.



1. Begin working on the Guide To Personal Assessments, a resume of high school activities, honors, awards, leadership, community service and work experience for future applications.

2. Start learning about the admission requirements and the costs of attending college.

3. After the end of the first semester, check your accumulative Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) and class rank  on-line w. the DDN Campus or with Mr. Hutchison or Ms. Knudson.

4. Attend the Financial Aid Informational Meeting on ?.   Worried about your possible financial aid? Check out these sites to try a Financial Aid Estimator: www.finaid.org or fafsa4caster.ed.gov.

5. Start applying to state technical schools as some of the programs fill up quickly.  S.E. Tech. allows juniors to apply as soon as they have 5 semesters of high school completed.

6. Considering using the SD MyLife ACT Prep Class  with your assigned user name and password. Don't remember it?  Contact Ms. Knudson.


1.  Attend Financial Aid Information Night -????? at Irene-Wakonda High School. Financial Aid packets will be distributed to students regardless of attendance.

2. Registration is due for YBA - Youth Business Adventure - to be held in the summer - Feb. 12th.

3. Attend the Regional Career Fair at ???? H.S.  on Feb. 17th.

4. Begin preparation for the ACT and/or SAT - computer programs and review books are available in the Guidance Office.  Also check out the A.C.T. website for tips and test information:  

March 7th - registration deadline for the April ACT test date (recommended for Juniors). Our high school code: 420-686 & it must be on the registration form if you want your scores sent to I-W School.. Register on-line at www.actstudent.org.  Refer to testing information page for more.  Also free ACT Review available w. the Learning Express Library at http.//www.sdstatelibrary com  Even if you plan to attend a technical school, an ACT score could benefit you for scholarships as well as testing out of some classes (ex. English & Math @ STI)


1. March 19th - Attend Scrubs Camp @ Vermillion.

1. Dakota STEP test window :  - S.D.  Achievement Test for the 11th grade will be given during this time frame.

2. If you are interested in participating in college athletics, check out their requirements at   or   

Students looking to participate in a Division I or II collegiate sport must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center during their junior year. Students must request that their ACT scores be forwarded directly to the center by entering code “9999” as a reporting selection when registering for the test.  For more information on the NCAA’s core course requirements, GPA computation, and contact information and to complete the amateurism questionnaire, visit the ncaa site.

3. Need some help with your future plans past high school?  Check out "Mapping Your Future".


1. April 12th - ACT Test Date.


1. May 9th - A.C.T. Registration deadline for the June test date.

2. Students are surveyed on extra-curricular activities, honors & awards to update their transcripts. Now is a good time to start collecting this information on a computer disk for future applications and scholarships.

3. Any student interested in participating in athletics at the NAIA level, beginning Fall 2011, has to go through the NAIA eligibility center www.playnaia.org to determine eligibility.  There is a one-time $60 fee associated with registering.  There is a waiver that a high school official can obtain and fill out for qualifying students.  Information and form are at www.playnaia.org .  The Eligibility Center needs to receive an official copy of the ACT or SAT scores.  (They have to be sent from ACT in Iowa, a copy from the high school is not official).  The NAIA eligibility center has an ACT code of 9876 and all students should code that in when registering for the ACT.  For those who have taken the ACT, they will probably need to contact ACT, pay the extra fee, and have an official copy sent to the eligibility center.  Please look at the Frequently Asked Questions for more guidance.



1. August 17th - A.C.T.Registration deadline for the Sept. test date.

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