All students are required to be enrolled in at least six classes. All schedule changes must be made within five days after the beginning of the semester. Schedule changes are made only with permission of the principal after consultation with the guidance counselor.


Except where otherwise noted, these requirements begin with students entering 9th grade in the 2010-11 school year. A studentís Personal Learning Plan must document a minimum of 22 credits that include the following:

South Dakota and Irene-Wakonda School District graduation requirements for the Classes of 2014 and beyond

Four Units of Language Arts - must include:

a. Writing - 1.5 units

b. Literature - 1.5 units

(must include .5 unit of American Literature

c. Speech or Debate - .5 unit

d. Language Arts elective - .5 unit

Three Units of Social Studies - must include:

a. U.S. History - 1 unit

b. U.S. Government - 1 unit

(I-W requires 1 unit in Government)

c. World History - .5 unit

d. Geography - .5 unit

Health - .5 unit

Three Units of Mathematics - must include:

a. Algebra I - 1 unit

b. Geometry - 1 unit

c. Algebra II - 1 unit

Three Units of Science - must include:

a. Biology - 1 unit

b. Any Physical Science - 1 unit

c. Chemistry or Physics - 1 unit

Fine Arts - 1 unit

Physical Education - .5 unit

Health - .5 unit (Class of 2017 and beyond)

Economics or Personal Finance - .5 unit

One unit of the following - any combination:

a. Approved Career and Technical Education

b. Capstone Experience or Service Learning

c. World Language

Total Credits (22 units)

Questions related to the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship should be directed to the South Dakota Board of Regents website or the guidance counselor.

1. Fine Arts credit is earned through participation in music and other fine art courses.

2. Students should check with the principal or guidance counselor for information regarding requirements for entrance into South Dakota colleges and universities.

3. For promotion to the tenth grade, students must have earned a minimum of 5 credits, 0.5 of which must be in English. For promotion to the eleventh grade, students must have earned a minimum of 10 credits, 1.5 of which must be in English. For promotion to the twelfth grade, students must have earned a minimum of 15 credits, 2.5 of which must be in English.

4. Students will not be permitted to participate in IWHS graduation ceremonies until all S