Name________________                 Brag Sheet    **Downloadable Word Version**

Please complete the following information. It is helpful when asking individuals to write letters of recommendation or for you when filling out scholarship applications. After completing, photocopy for others.

bulletList extracurricular activities that you have been involved with during high school. Include all honors & awards and what years.

bulletList all academic awards you have earned. Include the honor roll, National Honor Society, Academic Letter winner, etc. and what years.

bulletList community activities that you have participated in during high school. Donít forget to list the group or organization name and any work that you did as part of a group as well. Ex. I helped prepare & serve food at "The Banquet" in Yankton, SD Ė (9,10,11, )


bulletList at least three of your personal interests or hobbies.


bulletList three of your leisure time activities.


bulletList 3 of the personal characteristics or qualities from the end of this document and briefly describe ways in which you demonstrate that quality.


bulletBriefly describe your work experience throughout high school (even if itís working for the family farm, babysitting, etc.)


bulletOther pertinent information/circumstanced or special needs: (examples - large family, siblings already in college, health problems others might not be aware of, or a financial hardship).


bulletClass Rank: ____ of a class of ____
    Grade Point Average:______
   ACT Comp. Score:_______

bulletWhat I plan to study in college/technical school and why:

bulletWhy college/technical school is important to me:



Dependable             Honest             Organized             Helpful
Cooperative             Open-minded     Kind                     Generous
Responsible             Trustworthy     Compassionate         Practical
Pragmatic                 Willing to Compromise                 Adventurous
Decisive                 Risk Taker         Curious             Self-sufficient
Enthusiastic             Inventive         Spontaneous         Trusting
Unselfish                 Supportive         Loyal                 Team Player
Calm                         Thorough         Self-composed     Analytical
Systematic             Meticulous         Well-disciplined     Diplomatic
Tactful                 Assertive             Sensitive             Shows initiative
Problem-Solving     Patient             Diligent                 Dedicated
Goal-oriented         Task-oriented     Perseverance         Leadership
Fairness                 Hard working (work ethic)             Caring
Brave                 Courageous